Tuesday, July 7th, 2009. Rode non-stop from Boise to Lower
Stanley to meet Kurt. He was riding out from his mum's in
Pocatello to the Bridge Street Grill for lunch.

Route from Boise to Lower Stanley.

Decided to see how much time it takes from the jct of Warm
Springs/21 to the jct of 21/75 while moving along at a good
clip. Wasn't racing or trying to prove anything. It was just
to get an idea of the actual time although we do have to keep
intangibles in mind (slower vehicles, road construction, etc).

Took 30min to arrive in Idaho City, 40 minutes from Idaho City
to Lowman, and 60 minutes (thanks, in part, to some slow pirates)
from Lowman out to Stanley.

Kurt hadn't arrived at the Bridge Street Grill yet so I decided to
ride north on the Salmon River Scenic Byway to the first turnout,
and snap some photos.

The picturesque Salmon River and Sawtooth Mountains.

Obligatory photo of Grumber's sled.

He arrived at the turnout after I took a few pics. Took one of him
on his blue steed before we headed back to the Bridge Street Grill
for suds and edible crud.

Kurt's blue garbage wagon.

Bridge Street Grill from the metal bridge spanning river.

View south of the Bridge Street Grill from metal bridge.

Followed Kurt after lunch from the Sinclair (was Chevron)
gas station in Stanley to Idaho City at his legal pace, and it
took an extra 10min. We took a butt break and had cold
ones in Idaho City.

Didn't keep track from time from Idaho City to Boise as I passed
a couple of cages then turned off on Robie Creek Rd so I could
ambush him from behind later while he was wondering where I
was -- he was surprised. ;^)

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